Our Comprehensive Services

The range of services that we are able to provide
in conjunction with our specialist network of technology partners


Risk & Security Solutions (I.T, Emergency planning)

With the assistance of our carefully selected partners we are able to offer the full range of security technology. This includes but is not limited to CCTV, intruder detection, and electrified fencing, integrity testing, profiling criminal checks and Credit Checks. Our Occupational Health & Safety services allows us to undertake base line legal compliance assessments and assist in the facilitation process of implementation of SHE programmes. We also provide Risk Assessments, which will identify possible exposures and weaknesses in the emergency plan. We are then able to provide assistance in drafting, implementation training and assessing the emergency plan.

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Investigations (Security, Risk & Fraud Awareness Training)

Our highly skilled undercover operatives enable us to provide our clients with an extensive offering of investigative services. These include investigating white collar crime through to general thefts in the workplace. We also manage and deploy highly trained undercover operatives (Industrial Intelligence Agents) to covertly investigate Criminal, Civil, Corporate and Industrial matters as well as Copyright and Patent infringements. We offer security, risk and fraud awareness training to staff. Industrial Counter-espionage & Counter-surveillance. We are equipped and experienced in the provision of industrial counter espionage, surveillance and counter surveillance technologies.

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Logistics (logistics)

Customized logistics security solutions that are designed to expose any security breaches, reduce theft/shipping loss as well as minimize employee collaboration & sustain profitability for your business.

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Security Service (manned services)

Guarding, Specialized checkers & packers, Alarm monitoring & Armed response officers, High value goods escorts, Close Protection Operatives, VIP Drivers & executive vehicles, Undercover operatives.

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Maintenance & Site Services

We understand the importance of performing site surveys and our qualified team can assist with all aspects of the process. Our dedicated staff are here to help you with all your maintenance needs.

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